Where to Look For Cnet Web Hosting Reviews

Web hosting reviews are important. They enable one to make the right choices as pertaining to choosing the right company. They are the reason why people no longer waste their money on companies that cannot deliver quality services.

The best reviews of hosting services and the related companies offer you both the negative and positive views about a given company. It is very easy for a hosting company to pay a client to write very positive review. However, no company will pay anyone to write a negative review. Therefore, every time one finds a site that has both the negative and the positive views about a given company, then it is correct to conclude that they are offering you the right information.


Cnet certified web hosting companies have a very good reputation in that they are expected to quality services to their clients. CNET ranks the best companies based on their:

  • Reliability of hosting services
  • Affordability of their hosting rates
  • Richness of their hosting features
  • The performance of the sites that have already received the services from a given company
  • The support offered to the client

CNET web hosting is therefore supposed to be the best, and every company yearns to be given such certifications in order to attract more clients. Unfortunately, many companies have ended up revealing wrong information, and have written untrue reviews on some websites.

Finding the Best CNET Web Host Reviews

Where do you find the right CNET web hosting reviews? As noted earlier, the first consideration to make is to find out whether a site has written both the negative and positive reviews. You may want to do your research well, going through various sites and reading as many reviews as possible. This way, you will be in a position to find the right information about web hosting company and hence make the right choices.

A good CNET web hosting Review Company is normally not a service provider of hosting services. Their aim, of writing some of these details is driven by need of helping the clients to make the right choices; rather than making profit out of their write-ups. Therefore, it is important to find out the goals and objectives of the review site and find out what they gain by writing some reviews. If such details are not very clear, then you may need to find another site.

You may also want to check out for companies with deals too- good –to- be- true. For instance, a review that indicates that you will pay very little for quality services is not to be trusted. Still, reviews that point you to companies that have names such as ‘hosting geeks’ should be avoided.

Do More Than Going through the Reviews

You may want to get recommendations about CNET web hosting companies from people that you trust. Going through the reviews is sometimes never enough without some sort of backup information. More than anything, you need to do your homework well before choosing any web hosting company.

The Truth about EZ Web Hosting

One of the pioneers and the front runners in web hosting is EZ web hosting. The service provider also offers blogging services as well and has been in the industry since 1998. Thousands of bloggers and site owners have developed thanks to their web hosting services with some even developing to their full potential. What makes EZ web hosting stand out is the cutting edge technology and provision of quality solutions for the clientele.


This is one of the most remarkable features about their web hosting services. As a client you are promised good uptime of 99.99%. This insinuates that the site they host for you will always be up and running all the time. It is rare to find that the site is unproductive at any one time. Their customer services are awesome as they will always respond to you in just a matter of minutes after you make an inquiry. This is what most web owners need so they can prosper online.

Control Panel


EZ web hosting provides you with a control panel that is easy to use. From the control panel you will get to maintain different forms of information and have actual control of your statistics as well. Templates, emails, scripts and domains can all be controlled through the control panel. Moreover, you will always have access to numerous templates and graphic designs which have been made by some of the best artists. EZ hosting services are for you whether you are looking for conducive hosting experience or just something fun to be with.

Better Servers

The other truth about EZ web hosting is that they have excellent servers. The hosting capabilities often run on a dual processor and a 12GB RAM. These are the basic features which make a good processor in terms of speed and other associated capabilities. Such features assure you of the safety of your data in that no one will hack into your information because of the good quality of the hard drive. Your site will not be full of annoying pop ups and advertisements. Meanwhile, you will also have an option of putting up advertisements on your website as well.

The EZ web hosting plan also has numerous options for you to choose from. You can always have a high or low bandwidth depending on your site’s needs and requirements at any one time. Space is very important when it comes to web hosting because it determines your ability to grow and have more visitors to your site. You can also choose to cancel your subscription as well just in case the services were not matching your standards. You are free to do this within thirty days or less.

If you happen to be so undecided about who you want to be your web host then you should prefer EZ web hosting services. There are so many services and benefits you get from the services which you won’t get anyplace else. Their prices are also nice and fairly affordable depending on your needs and requirements. Comparing the good features and the prices it is always better to go for the features because the prices are always negotiable.

Secrets To Finding The Best Hostgator Discount

Hostgator came into existence in 2002 and is based in Florida. Within a short span of ten years, the company has become one of the leading service providers with millions of customers from over two hundred countries using its services. The agency hosts more than eight million domain names on the seven thousand plus servers owned by the company. All these benefits make it an immensely reputed and reliable service provider, which is why new webmasters are allured to using the company as their web host. However, hosting the site requires spending money and hostgator understands that finding this money can be tough for the newcomers. This is why the agency offers hostgator coupon codes to help newbies avail their superior services.

Choosing the package

Hostgator provides different kinds of hosting plans, which include dedicated, shared, and VPS. Webmasters are advised to first list down all their requirements and then search for the best plan that suits these needs. It is a common perception that availing reliable hosting on stable and reliable servers through renowned companies like hostgator is very expensive. The company offers a baby plan, which is available for fewer than ten dollars per month. This cost can be further reduced by hostgator discount codes, which are available on the Internet.

Searching for the codes

The best place to search for these discount coupons is the World Wide Web. Users are advised to execute an online keyword search on their favorite search engine. They will find a large number of matching options, which provides them with a vast range of available choices. However, it is important to avail the coupons from reliable sources to ensure you can actually use them to reduce your costs and enjoy other benefits. Looking on independent review sites, reputed article directories, forums, and blogs is an excellent option that can help you find reliable discount codes. These coupons offer various kinds of benefits, such as availing the hosting service for only one cent for the first month, lower your total invoice amount if you decide to continue using the hosting plan, and availing some of the other high-end and advanced features provided by the web hosting company.

Ensuring the reliability of the discount codes

Although, it is not difficult to find hostgator discount coupons on the World Wide Web, it is not uncommon to find some unscrupulous resources. Like all other online services, there are a few unreliable sources that offer enticing discount codes and users are advised to be careful to not fall prey to such dishonest tactics. This will prevent you from being a victim of fraud or lose your hard earned and limited funds to such unscrupulous resources. Moreover, you need to be sure the chosen code is active and will deliver the benefits that are listed on the coupon. Using these codes is very simple and users only need to input the code while signing up for a new account before making the payment and completing the transaction to start using the services.

Is ATT Web Hosting Any Good?

Even though At&t enjoys a good reputation as a good communication provider there has been an uproar, and a lot of questions are in the air about it att web hosting being a good service provider or not.

The company ATT web hosting as a web service provider has been in business since years and have always enjoyed a good reputation due to the its communication services that have known to have been in service since the telephone itself.

There has been however ups and downs in the ATT web hosting services ever since, and ATT has faced a lot of customer’s criticism for the same.


ATT provides various web hosting services and deals in its package. They help you get your business online. They help you set up domains, allows you email access, and speedy email send and receiving options; they even have an email design and mobile website design facility for its users. Of course, the package decides what all features from the mentioned you will get but the company seems to be providing it all. Amidst the whole range, they seem to be forgetting that they lack behind in the promises they made.

The ATT customers are constantly complaining about the emails being stuck. They have an issue with sending out their emails, and even the ones that they are ought to receive are all stuck in mid air. This has known to go long enough for them to loose on their business.

They have 24*7 customer support, which should be catering to the problems, but all seems to be a bad news. Apparently the customer support seems to be at loss themselves when they are approached with issues. They are up with various different answers each time they are contacted. The company should look into the matter, as they are the first ones that the customers rely on after purchasing the service.

There have been constant complaints about ATT web hosting server being down for days. That has however been a genuine issue, but the resulting loss it has created cannot be however justified.

It seems that ATT has been over looking these issues, and letting go of customers, as the competition is so high that one cannot afford to lose on customers like this. There have been promises all right, but now what we will like to see are actual actions from the companies’ side.

Att cannot be blamed as a company that does not know what it is doing, as they have been a success for long. May be a different approach or change in a few structures and policies will help the company turn around. What is, being going wrong? The web hosting is a hot market, and it should be looked after carefully. Every business is turned online after the increasing use of Internet. There should be a corrective measure taken by the company in time as they have promised. May be then we will come up with a statement that it is not that bad after all.

Does Anyone Compile Web Hosting Ratings?

When you try to search for web hosting ratings of hosting service providers, typically you get two types of reviews category, one anecdotal experiences or spammers who try to cash in on a supporting program. It’s almost impossible to get a reasonable idea of the hosts that have a good reputation and services.

It is a fact that sentiment analysis is not an exact science. A 62-74% rate of accuracy is impressive in this type of analysis. When a user views the front page of a review site and sees some obviously wrongly categorized ranking, this discredits entire site and also the confidence in the review sites.

Content of the Reviews


One should make it a point of checking out what others have to say about the web hosting they may be targeting to hire. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done due to the high number of misleading information in those review sites. There are numerous reviews of web hosting companies available. Some web hosting ratings are made by a sole webmaster of their site while others posted on webmaster blogs and forums hosting by enthusiasts. However, like you should always do when looking at reviews of all things, in fact, always read them with caution. It’s known that some attracting reviews may be by people working for the said company, disguised as several happy clients. On the other hand, negative reviews on a particular company can sometimes come from dishonest competitors.

Also, even if the reviews are genuine at times, take caution in trusting a review from a client who has been with a company for only a short time. While the person may be actually honest, one cannot tell for sure the quality of a company if they have been serviced for just a short duration. The opposite is true also. Honest negative reviews for a company from relatively new reviewers are also a problem. Careful evaluation is crucial in determining whether a negative review is the actual reflection of the company state, or maybe the level of inexperience the client has. In some instance, the newcomer may fault the company for errors that they themselves may be causing. The problem here is that there are numerous technical factors to making a site that can in an easy way chase a newcomer

Are the Reviews Reliable?

Most web hosting ratings and review sites that compare web host providers with others are not operated independently. Some of them are set up by web hosting companies, or they are run by affiliate companies that charge hosting companies to have their website to appear in the rating and review site. There might be a few that are truly independent and honest, but they are actually very rare. For this reason I will not suggest using a rating or review site as the primary source of information to choose a hosting company. The most ideal way is by word of mouth, or to hear about other client’s experiences with hosting providers and this can give a good base for the decision.